ponedjeljak, 31. siječnja 2011.

Crazy Psycho is in town! :)

Hello boyz and girz :) I am bringing you samples from my upcoming EP on Swap rec.
EP contains 2 original tracks: 'She's a Crazy Psycho' and 'Perspective'.
Would love to hear what you are thinking about them!!

Miss Sunshine - She's A Crazy Psycho (SWAP) by Miss_Sunshine

Miss Sunshine - Perspective (SWAP) by Miss_Sunshine

I already got some nice feedback from Laurent Garnier, Miro Pajic, Kane Roth, Someone Else, Heron, Patrick Bateman, Mike Wall, James Unk, Viktoria Rebeka, Atix, Ludovic Vendi… so happy about that! Thank you all!!

Available TOMORROW! 1st of February on:
Beatport / Juno Download / iTunes / Dj Shop / Dj-Download…

Also remixed release is in preparation too, with remixes from Zhao, Redj, Zecapx, Samuel Brunel, K21, Pit Par Cœur…

Laurent Garnier
'Really like Perspective. Will play this a lot.'

Miro Pajic (Lazerslut)
‘Perspective is really cool! Thanks.'

Kane Roth (Smallroom music, Lessizmore)
‘Perspective is awesome! Like the main sound, Looking forward to play it.'

Someone Else (Foundsound rec)
'Thanks! This EP is really nice!'

Heron (Limikola)
'Like both tunes! Will play! Thanks for the promo.'

Patrick Bateman (Tic Tac Toe)
'The title track is really cool.'

Mike Wall
'Perspective is the one for me... Nice stuff... I'll play it for sure.'

James Unk (LessIzMore, Monocline)
'Thank you for sending the promo, i like both tracks, my favorite one is Perspective, great spanking claps and very nice running synth.'

Viktoria Rebeka (Fourth Kind rec)
‘I love the release! Big support!!’

Stephan Barnem (Divided)
'She's a crazy psycho for me! Great to get the crowd involved!'

Ludovic Vendi
'I ll play Perspective on my next gig '

'Perspective vraiment très bon bravo.'

Mauro Alpha
'Thanks! will play She's a Crazy Psycho.'

Anderson Noise
'Very good!!!!'

David Flores
'Really diggin perspective nice track!'


srijeda, 19. siječnja 2011.

Lom.com or Serbians knows how to party! :)

Do you ever feel like you're stuck in the slow lane? Just like in the supermarket. That other lanes always seems to move faster... Well, I felt like that few years ago.. now I finally feel like I stand in the right one! Things are moving forward...

This year started pretty awesome. New Years Eve at home with my family, after, many, many years of being away...
Overall I am not a big fan of New Year, for me it is overrated, too much expectations from counting from 10 to 1 and then…well.. everything stays the same :D

On 1st of January I played at The Code club in Subotica (SERBIA). Didn't expect much cos in Croatia we don't have tradition of going out after NYE. In most cases whole January is lacking good partys and nightlife. Probably everybody spends too much money in just one night, and then they are trying to recover their wallets for a whole month :D

Well, in Serbia is not like that.. soo much people was ready to "sweep the floor".. and we done that!
From the first track Tim Xavier's "Eleven, eleven" to the last track - my remix of Plastikman, they couldn't get enough, wanting more and more!! And we danced, like that, in happiness, for 3 hours!

Here is one video, I think you can feel the crowd very good from this:

Also I met a guy from Egypt who played the night before, DJ Hisham Zahran, he told me how he also enjoyed his gig, except some 3 guys who constantly asked him to play trance!!! :D I am glad I didn't have problems like that :P
with Hishram

First row was, of course, the loudest one, constantly writing me messages how they like what I play and that they got what they expected from me !

and kisses..
with Vladimir & Goran
Thank you for beautiful night!!! Glad I fulfilled your expectations, you definitely did mine!
Cant wait to come back!!!
If the year continues like this, I will not complain..


photo by: Goran Cvijanov
camera by: Andrija Patarcic

ponedjeljak, 17. siječnja 2011.

La Locura!! 

Yeah, I don't have enough job to do so I started to write this blog :D
I felt a need to keep in touch with you, to say my thoughts and represent you my experiences from beautiful travels and countries I visited. Facebook and twitter's number of characters stopped to be enough to tell you all that!
I will not even mention Myspace.. :D
So lets begin..
Some of my thought this weekend was how people easily go with the flow and change their music to current IN music..when they found out that there is not enough money in the music they "love" they just easily switch to some other genre of electronic music.. in most cases, low-grade, easily to accept music, on which my grandpa would probably dance too.. that is something what I cant understand! How can you change so much in backward??  I still believe you can succeed playing what you really like without changing your style with every new wave! What do you think about that?
Now I remembered how great time Viktoria Rebeka and I (http://www.myspace.com/queensofminimaltechno) had in Colombia  in October 2010. How promoters and Djs there are trying to make good, quality scene, and they are successful in that!!  What a crazy, colorful, friendly country with a good coffee, crazy retro buses and yummy fruits!! mmm
Colombia que linda eres!!!

Cali, Colombia
Cool bus!!

We drove one of the retro buses :)

Cali at night

yummy fruits!

Viki and I with our friends, wearing their traditional hats
Juan Valdez coffee

just relax...
First party, we played there, was with JPLS from M_nus in Der Zoo! What an awesome place and people!! La Locuuraaa!!! We played after JPLS and played 3 hours till the morning! Thank you all for staying  till the end!! Here are some pictures from party:

Morning in Der Zoo

Other 2 gigs were also very cool! Wepa & SubBass in Palmira. Again, so well accepted..
Some videos from the party, so you can feel the energy!


If you ever have chance, go and visit Colombia!! It will be like something you never saw in your life.
If you like electronic music it is good place to have awesome party.  Their culture and history is visible on every corner. There is a lot things to see and feel!! We were only visiting Cali for 2 weeks and cant wait we come back soon...

I was so inspired before we went to Colombia, I made one track and named it "La Locura" so I can always remember how awesome time I had there. The track will be released on FVF rec together with Tim Xavier and Miro Pajic this Feb/Mar.
Also "Apto 406" (which I made after returning to Europe) is the number of apartment in which we spent our 2 weeks in Cali! This track will be release on Illegal Alien rec. Also this  Feb/Mar..
Soon more information about all..
Apto 406

And yes, almost forgot that when we were leaving Colombia on Bogota airport we met Troy Pierce! Very nice guy, shame we didnt have much more time to speak with him.. Nice way to finish this awesome journey, right? :)

Hope you enjoyed in my first blog :*