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Crazy Psycho is in town! :)

Hello boyz and girz :) I am bringing you samples from my upcoming EP on Swap rec.
EP contains 2 original tracks: 'She's a Crazy Psycho' and 'Perspective'.
Would love to hear what you are thinking about them!!

Miss Sunshine - She's A Crazy Psycho (SWAP) by Miss_Sunshine

Miss Sunshine - Perspective (SWAP) by Miss_Sunshine

I already got some nice feedback from Laurent Garnier, Miro Pajic, Kane Roth, Someone Else, Heron, Patrick Bateman, Mike Wall, James Unk, Viktoria Rebeka, Atix, Ludovic Vendi… so happy about that! Thank you all!!

Available TOMORROW! 1st of February on:
Beatport / Juno Download / iTunes / Dj Shop / Dj-Download…

Also remixed release is in preparation too, with remixes from Zhao, Redj, Zecapx, Samuel Brunel, K21, Pit Par Cœur…

Laurent Garnier
'Really like Perspective. Will play this a lot.'

Miro Pajic (Lazerslut)
‘Perspective is really cool! Thanks.'

Kane Roth (Smallroom music, Lessizmore)
‘Perspective is awesome! Like the main sound, Looking forward to play it.'

Someone Else (Foundsound rec)
'Thanks! This EP is really nice!'

Heron (Limikola)
'Like both tunes! Will play! Thanks for the promo.'

Patrick Bateman (Tic Tac Toe)
'The title track is really cool.'

Mike Wall
'Perspective is the one for me... Nice stuff... I'll play it for sure.'

James Unk (LessIzMore, Monocline)
'Thank you for sending the promo, i like both tracks, my favorite one is Perspective, great spanking claps and very nice running synth.'

Viktoria Rebeka (Fourth Kind rec)
‘I love the release! Big support!!’

Stephan Barnem (Divided)
'She's a crazy psycho for me! Great to get the crowd involved!'

Ludovic Vendi
'I ll play Perspective on my next gig '

'Perspective vraiment très bon bravo.'

Mauro Alpha
'Thanks! will play She's a Crazy Psycho.'

Anderson Noise
'Very good!!!!'

David Flores
'Really diggin perspective nice track!'


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