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La Locura!! 

Yeah, I don't have enough job to do so I started to write this blog :D
I felt a need to keep in touch with you, to say my thoughts and represent you my experiences from beautiful travels and countries I visited. Facebook and twitter's number of characters stopped to be enough to tell you all that!
I will not even mention Myspace.. :D
So lets begin..
Some of my thought this weekend was how people easily go with the flow and change their music to current IN music..when they found out that there is not enough money in the music they "love" they just easily switch to some other genre of electronic music.. in most cases, low-grade, easily to accept music, on which my grandpa would probably dance too.. that is something what I cant understand! How can you change so much in backward??  I still believe you can succeed playing what you really like without changing your style with every new wave! What do you think about that?
Now I remembered how great time Viktoria Rebeka and I (http://www.myspace.com/queensofminimaltechno) had in Colombia  in October 2010. How promoters and Djs there are trying to make good, quality scene, and they are successful in that!!  What a crazy, colorful, friendly country with a good coffee, crazy retro buses and yummy fruits!! mmm
Colombia que linda eres!!!

Cali, Colombia
Cool bus!!

We drove one of the retro buses :)

Cali at night

yummy fruits!

Viki and I with our friends, wearing their traditional hats
Juan Valdez coffee

just relax...
First party, we played there, was with JPLS from M_nus in Der Zoo! What an awesome place and people!! La Locuuraaa!!! We played after JPLS and played 3 hours till the morning! Thank you all for staying  till the end!! Here are some pictures from party:

Morning in Der Zoo

Other 2 gigs were also very cool! Wepa & SubBass in Palmira. Again, so well accepted..
Some videos from the party, so you can feel the energy!


If you ever have chance, go and visit Colombia!! It will be like something you never saw in your life.
If you like electronic music it is good place to have awesome party.  Their culture and history is visible on every corner. There is a lot things to see and feel!! We were only visiting Cali for 2 weeks and cant wait we come back soon...

I was so inspired before we went to Colombia, I made one track and named it "La Locura" so I can always remember how awesome time I had there. The track will be released on FVF rec together with Tim Xavier and Miro Pajic this Feb/Mar.
Also "Apto 406" (which I made after returning to Europe) is the number of apartment in which we spent our 2 weeks in Cali! This track will be release on Illegal Alien rec. Also this  Feb/Mar..
Soon more information about all..
Apto 406

And yes, almost forgot that when we were leaving Colombia on Bogota airport we met Troy Pierce! Very nice guy, shame we didnt have much more time to speak with him.. Nice way to finish this awesome journey, right? :)

Hope you enjoyed in my first blog :*

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  1. great blog, great parties! big love!
    VR <3

  2. ..extra!!!keep it goin Sunce!! <3..

  3. Aaaah ! very interesting 1st thought above ! I'm always thinking that you are pretty lucky, with Vik, to be able to play really what you like. I often find out there are many differences between your gigs and ours here.
    Let's say it clearly : I like everything I play but I don't play everything I like !
    And when I watch your videos and see people enoying so much underground and minimalistic tunes, I have to ask myself why we can't have this here (I mean, south of Germany and east of France)....probably because we get the direct influence from Berlin and generally German tekhouse current trendy producers, that's not bad because it pulled us out of this Electro Techno scene in which we were getting completely suffocated ^^
    The not-so-cool result is that people are completely influenced by these tekhouse, tribal stuff, and are completely lost when they hear some more "cold" grooves. looks like they can only dance on the "hot" ones...and that's a shame ! this is maybe the reason why sometimes djs have to deal with their audience, and find the balance between what they like and what is "wanted-to-be-heard" because it's simply and sadly not possible in some areas, to play only what we like ..... :-/
    Kisses and all the best !

  4. Thanks Viki & Nina!!

    @Flora: I think we are in the excatly same situation. Here is tech house scene also very big. Sometimes people look at us like they are frozen and sometimes they screem and enjoy, but to most of them that is something they hear very rare or maybe for the first time!(I spoke about Balkan countries)
    We would have much more gigs if we play lighter sound, for sure!!
    But we stick to our dreams and trying to be brave :) It is hard, like every other rise..hard, but fun, cos I play what I truly love!
    sending you kisses and hugzzz :***

  5. very nice!

    i think you should do the music you feel comfort with too ;)

  6. Sure....and that's sometimes very uncomfortable to see people only watching you and act as if they'd never learnt the concept of "dancing" ^^

  7. @Omar: excatly!!
    @Flora: hahahha concept of dancing :D:D good one!!