srijeda, 19. siječnja 2011. or Serbians knows how to party! :)

Do you ever feel like you're stuck in the slow lane? Just like in the supermarket. That other lanes always seems to move faster... Well, I felt like that few years ago.. now I finally feel like I stand in the right one! Things are moving forward...

This year started pretty awesome. New Years Eve at home with my family, after, many, many years of being away...
Overall I am not a big fan of New Year, for me it is overrated, too much expectations from counting from 10 to 1 and then…well.. everything stays the same :D

On 1st of January I played at The Code club in Subotica (SERBIA). Didn't expect much cos in Croatia we don't have tradition of going out after NYE. In most cases whole January is lacking good partys and nightlife. Probably everybody spends too much money in just one night, and then they are trying to recover their wallets for a whole month :D

Well, in Serbia is not like that.. soo much people was ready to "sweep the floor".. and we done that!
From the first track Tim Xavier's "Eleven, eleven" to the last track - my remix of Plastikman, they couldn't get enough, wanting more and more!! And we danced, like that, in happiness, for 3 hours!

Here is one video, I think you can feel the crowd very good from this:

Also I met a guy from Egypt who played the night before, DJ Hisham Zahran, he told me how he also enjoyed his gig, except some 3 guys who constantly asked him to play trance!!! :D I am glad I didn't have problems like that :P
with Hishram

First row was, of course, the loudest one, constantly writing me messages how they like what I play and that they got what they expected from me !

and kisses..
with Vladimir & Goran
Thank you for beautiful night!!! Glad I fulfilled your expectations, you definitely did mine!
Cant wait to come back!!!
If the year continues like this, I will not complain..


photo by: Goran Cvijanov
camera by: Andrija Patarcic

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  1. people pictures tells you everything :) miss was so great in playing and we supported her.. so come to us again lil sun .. <3 by a fun

  2. Suncice, nemas pojma koliko mi je drago sto i dan-danas ljudi pricaju kako si "razvalila" CODE 01.01. Ljudi su odusevljeni tvojim nastupom.
    >>> DODJI NAM STO PRE<<<

  3. thank you!!!Hope to see ya soon!

  4. eh kad se samo setim ;) mnogo dobar party i veoma pozitivna energija!! odlican pocetak 2011 ;)

  5. seems cool location... glad you had fun :)

  6. @Anonimno: divan party!!! :)
    @Omara: yeah, very cool club and cool people!

  7. Dobro si na nam prodrmala guzice, dovlaci se ovamo sto pre!! vec nedostajes!! B.N