utorak, 19. srpnja 2011.

Touring Germany

Finally I have some free time to put a few words on the "paper" for you!
I had sooo much fun in the last few months, met some great people, worked on some great parties and visited beautiful cities…
Lets start with February… Sorry for my bad English, hope you will enjoy my blog anyway ;)

25.02. club Tronix, Bielefeld GER
crazy, crazy, explosion!!

What to say about this event! Always great! This was my second visit to Tronix club and unfortunately this was a closing party :/ but we closed it in style!
As always very intense communication with a people and feeling that I played among my friends… so relaxed and easy going people.
When I started my set, extra sound system was turned on and then everything exploded! What a drive! When I finished after 4 hours of playing (or more..) my friend dj Marco Coviello took the decks and moved the limit to the higher place! Awesome set!!

After-hour was just continued in the club and after too much shots of Jagermeister, with my friends from Bielefeld and promoter Stefan, I went back to my hotel to take a few hours of a sleep before I catch my train to Hamburg.
In the sleep I am hearing the sirens and seeing that something very close is burning, some house was in fire! Hmm.. what to do now.. wait for evacuation or what.. I am seeing the smoke coming my way…I am too tired for that! :D Luckily fireman do their job very good and turn the fire off but unfortunately I couldn't sleep anymore and decided to catch an earlier train to Hamburg! I'll sleep in the train :)
FVF Live Set 05 - Miss Sunshine (March 2011) by Miss_Sunshine

26.02. Plastik! Hamburg GER
tired, funfunfun, tired

On the train station I am meeting the promotor and label owner of CDM, Felix Lorusso. Very nice guy, always smiling, he is telling me that he also had a busy night with a lack of sleep, so we decide to go to hotel immediately so I can catch a few more hours of sleep before a gig. He did the same..
From the taxi I am catching the beauty of the Hamburg, very nice city, cant wait to explore it one time when I will have much more time and energy :)
Finally in hotel, bath and now I am ready for the few more hours of sleep… zzzzzzz
Message wakes me up, I am finding out that my friend Viktoria Rebeka is coming to my hotel as she played in Hamburg day before and decided to stay to enjoy a little bit more.
Quick McDonalds dinner and we are ready for the party!!!

We are coming to the club around 12:30, very nice underground venue, for around 500 people, nice dark minimal sounds are coming thru the speakers and I am telling my self with this good warm up I can expect one hell of a party!!
At 3 AM the place is burning!! Loving the visualizations from Vj Cinemat, everything is on the place, now is time to rock!
Had an awesome time in Plastik, it is early in the morning and it is time go to hotel and try to catch some sleep before I catch my train to Frankfurt and plane back to Croatia.

In the hotel, Viktoria and I, found a basket of fruits and totally destroyed it :) yummy, necessary vitamins are taken, we are saying goodbye, so happy I saw her in Hamburg.. she is heading back to a friend's house and I am off to sleep..
After just a few hours of sleeping Felix woke me up and took me to train station, noooooo, we are both very lost and tired again! :D
We forgot to buy a seat reservation for me and my non sleeping time continued :D Every time when train stops some other person is coming to my seat and moving me, cos I am sitting on their seat!! I will goo crazyy!!! grrrr
Taking my stuff totally annoyed by everybody :D and going to the train restaurant and finally spending some quite time with some food and drinks and movie on my laptop.
The second I thought I cant take it anymore, finally I am in Frankfurt!!! Check in my stuff and heading to the Chinese restaurant for a big noodle soup! With a happy belly :P I am catching my plane and saying bye bye Germany!! as always a had a blast! Cant wait to come back!!